I started out this year with a set purpose which was to stay positive. I have had a difficult time staying positive the past few months. First we have all of the push and pull with Leo. Next we have a chemical imbalance that cause severe depression that almost led me to suicide. Then we have how that sinking depression has lingered even after the medication stopped.

What have we learned here?

When a guy (Leo) after 7+ months of being with you is on the phone crying about his ex you need to seriously think about what is wrong with him not what is wrong with yourself!

When the doctor doesn’t know your medical history completely and prescribes a medication for migraines which is also used for sleep issues and depression issues you need to speak up and keep people around you informed so if you start to sink into a mental health emergency someone is watching to help you.

Therapy helps working towards getting out of that depression hole you have sunk into and even when it is hard to get the time to have therapy you need to prioritize your mental health or you will be no good for anyone let alone yourself or the kids who are depending on you.

AND… positive things happen every day all around you but if you close your eyes to them then all is lost. You need to stay open to what is around you and remember the cup isn’t half empty it is half full!

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