Last night Leo was discussing some things with me about Chrissy and EJ (what I use to refer to his son) and started telling me about the recent texts from her.

Yesterday she texted Leo this: Don’t lose sight of EJ while you are building your new life. Then she also told Leo that EJ wanted to be home by 7:30pm tonight (9/10) by his choice. This all really bothered Leo because he couldn’t understand why EJ would choose to go home early, why she was giving the impression that he was loosing sight of his son.

He harped on this topic all night including while we were falling asleep.

Since I have met EJ I can say this with 100% accuracy… I have ONLY ever encouraged Leo to spend time with EJ. I have praised him during the moments he felt guilty for not working and spending time with his son instead. I have always planned everything with EJ as part of it even if it wasn’t a weekend he was scheduled to be around. I would never want Leo to neglect his son for any reason. Do I want us to spend family time together? Absolutely! But every Tuesday night Leo has EJ for a midweek visit and I don’t even call him during the visit. They go off and do Father Son things. I think it is awesome! I wish my kids dad was a decent guy and could do something like this with them. (My ex is just not safe or healthy for them!) It has me a bit upset right now because I just don’t understand why Chrissy is always insisting that Leo is doing something wrong. Leo is always trying and doing above and beyond… INCLUDING financially! Yet she is always telling him how much of a failure he is at all of it.

My curiosity is: Was this a dig at our family time? Was this her typical attempt to start trouble so Leo is not happy? He has said she is beyond insane not wanting him to be happy alone or with anyone else. She doesn’t want him but he isn’t allowed to be with anyone. I see that in a lot of the past behavior on her part. She is happier when she is ripping him down.

I am stressed and anxious about it all…

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