The GM strike

I am unsure how many people read the news, watch the news, or keep up with current events but GM workers went on strike yesterday. Here is the CNN information about the current situation: CNN on the GM strike (GM: General Motors)

The GM scoop as I understand it: Leo has worked there for a long time and has seen many people come and go. He has also experienced the strike situation before. After the last strike and some other situations that occurred at GM Leo lost around $14/hr in pay, his retirement, and other things that made this awful for him long term. Because of the financial losses he ended up bankrupt and loosing his house. Now the current situation…

And while this is all an interesting situation it is actually relevant to my life because Leo has been employed by GM for 23 or so years. Yesterday morning he called me and said he was Ubering because work went on strike. He was feeling panicked about the lack of income. He ended up doing work around his house (his moms house) and some other things and then coming over to my house. He is so stressed! While on strike he will get NO pay and cannot file for unemployment so he is up the crick financially.

I feel stressed for him. I wish I could make it different for him and ALL of the other GM employed people. They deserve better than what GM has given them.


  1. Crazy. Gm should be stepping up considering a good portion of the economy depends on them especially locally

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