Okay so a few months ago I emptied a drawer… As a girl who has never done traditional dating the standard rules are unclear to me but I emptied a drawer for Leo. I offered him the drawer and his lack of interest felt like a rejection. I have tried several times to discuss it with him and it continues to be a topic he doesn’t want anything to do with. Now all this time has passed and it is no longer about the simple drawer it is about the lack of wanting more and the ease at which he continues to reject me and my drawer. Funny right?!?

The rejection cuts me like a knife… why can’t he just put anything in that drawer? What is so wrong with me that he doesn’t want my drawer!

RIP drawer… I am with this post closing you to Leo forever. You are now dead and buried! Be well fair drawer that meant so much to me yet nothing to anyone else. I bid you adieu!

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