The Coronavirus move-in

Today I got a call and it was L being really upset.  His mom, she had heart surgery within the past year or so and has other medical conditions, and she wanted him to not be at her house anymore until the Corona stuff was resolved.  She was worried about the risks he was bringing home to her.  His statement was: Can I stay there with you all?  Of course I said he can but I am unsure how I really feel about this.  He doesn’t actually want to be here and that makes me feel ugh about him actually being here.

Reality is that he is only around for 3 days or less at a time and then he needs multiple days away from us.  How will he handle a week or more here with us?  Will he lose his every loving mind?  I am unsure how this will work out and he brought his TV?!?!?  That was weird LOL





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