The Cheesecake Factory in Rochester, NY is a well known place to eat in our area. I have sampled almost every slice of cheesecake they offer and have never been less than pleasantly surprised by every cheesecake bite. I have always been a bit disappointed by the pricing which is why I, until tonight, have never eaten anything but cheesecake from this restaurant.

Last night we all got together for Leo’s brothers 37th birthday! We were a party of 14, if my calculations are correct, and sat down around 6:05 pm to start our evening together. With this many people it tends to get a bit crazy and there is a great deal of food sharing. For appetizers tonight, aside from the bread which was delicious, we had mozzarella chunks ?, stuffed mushrooms, pretzel balls, and I think a few other things getting passed around.

  • Pretzel balls – left something to be desired, they were greasy, not really pretzel tasting, no salt on them, and the dipping sauces were not anything spectacular.
  • The mozzarella was subpar with a funky fried exterior, pretty bland cheese, and the sauce was bland as well.
  • The bread and butter were spectacular!
  • I didn’t try the mushrooms because I am not a mushroom fan to begin with.
  • The pizza appetizer looked fantastic and I was told that the pepperoni was good but the pizza as a package was not anything to be desired or ordered again.

Onto the main dishes that were ordered and close to me for tasting purposes, hehehe. I should start by saying that most of the dishes brought to the table were warm to hot plates with relatively cold food on them. It was disappointing.

  • There was the fillet mignon which was cooked to perfection needing no additional seasoning or dipping sauces. It had the char on the exterior showing the beautiful grill job but when you bit into the meat you were greeted by a burst of juices and awesome deliciousness.
  • The Alfredo with chicken was bland but the chicken was tasty.
  • The spinach noodle lasagna was tasty but also a bit bland for my liking. The sauce is sweeter than typical Italian sauces.
  • The mashed potatoes were spectacular even though they were cold.

None of us were overly impressed and when the $350 price tag came we were sticker shocked! I will most likely never eat here again! I will continue to eat the cheesecake they sell but as for a meal that is not happening.

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