After discussing compartmentalization as it relates to my life I thought I should follow it up with a detailed explanation of what I call “The Anger Blanket” and have used this term as the expression of what mentally happens to any foreign emotions that I have ever experienced.


Visualization of The Anger Blanket

The actually explanation is that when something happens that causes emotions within a minute they are covered with “The Anger Blanket” and all I end up feeling is anger. The anger is a more powerful emotion and blankets everything else I feel. It is my protection emotion. The Anger Blanket protected me from many things in my life and although I don’t act out the anger emotion I was always overwhelmed and sick from it. Anger actually scares me!

What would end up happening is I would ONLY feel anger and then stuff the anger into its own compartment because anger scared me. Then the anger compartment would at some time explode from over stuffing the anger into it. I would explode at anyone at anytime when something rubbed me wrong and the anger box was to packed to stuff anything else into.

It was all a bad situation that went round and round for over 37 years until I started to really work on myself.

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