Such a random thought in the middle of the night

Star Trek vs Star Wars

Okay so anyone who knows me will tell you I am a complete Star Trek kinda gal!  I never got into Star Wars.  There are so many reasons but as I sit here watching Star Trek for the 5 millionth time I thought it would be neat to debate the reasons online…

Can we talk about reality for starters?
What you see, hear, learn in Trek appears to have reality based details.  You learn about exactly how the engine related things work and give the ship its abilities.  You learn about how workers get from one place to another on the ships.  You see people working on the ships during down times and battle times.  You get the impression that these are real ships and they CAN exist.
As for Wars…  it all seems make-believe.  Crazy speedy ships with no actual basis for how or why they work.  No real data about how people get around.  Is there an escalator in those ships?  HAHAHA

As for all the rest:
Trek shows people getting educated vs Wars shows them being crazy
Trek shows them living lives on the ships while exploring vs Wars shows cross galaxy trips with no real ship life.

I don’t know…  I guess I like more reality based tech shows and movies!

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