I started this post in April of this year and tabled it for a while until I felt I had a good amount of data to discuss.

I live in an apartment complex in Fairport/Penfield NY which is to the east of Rochester, NY and considered more of an upscale suburban area.  Question is why do I live in an upscale suburb yet live in squalor?  This place is constantly unkempt on so many levels.  Yes it is subsidized housing BUT does that mean people living here should live in filthy trash?  I am a good tenant!  I keep a clean house even with my 3 little kids constantly being kids!  hahaha  I park in my own spot and never bother my neighbors!

With all of that said I have a mouse infestation, 2 bathrooms with basically NO ceilings, a front door that sticks, a downstairs toilet that is constantly having problems because it needs a new O-ring, an upstairs bathroom that needs a new floor because they took weeks to fix the leaky ceiling…  and this is the main problems…  There are more problems!

I bleach my full kitchen EVERY SINGLE DAY to try and keep the mice away!  I have ALL of my food in closed bins in an attempt to keep the mice away!  I constantly sweep and vacuum to ensure there is nothing any other place in this apartment that would attract mice.  No luck!  I still see mice running around all over the house!  I hear them in the middle of the night.  It started over the winter, which was the first winter I was here, and I heard them constantly in the walls from the neighbors apartment.  It was terrifying but I figured ehhh not my problem.  Then I saw one come into my apartment from a hole in the radiator connection area in the wall!  I freaked out.  I called back then and had called several different times before they addressed it at all!

I have a skylight in my upstairs bathroom because, when they finally after 2-3 weeks of ignoring the problem, they ripped out my ceiling and never repaired it.  I was told I was on a waiting list to have repairs like that done.  It was also relayed that they had tried several times to come into my apartment but my kids were always left at home alone and they couldn’t enter OR I would refuse to give them access to my apartment!  SERIOUSLY!?!  I have NEVER left my kids anywhere alone!  I rarely ever even let them be with a sitter!  I never do what so many parents do and just run in and pay for gas leaving kids in the car…  I actually 100% of the time get ALL 3 of my kids out of my car and take them into the gas station although it isn’t easy for anyone!  I do NOT and will NOT and have NOT ever left them unsupervised!  I have also NEVER refused to let maintenance in for any reason they might be knocking!  Hey come on in!  Any time I don’t care I just want everything taken care of the right way!

This apartment complex rigs everything and then wants to charge me for the fact that it only lasts 2 seconds OR not deal with the problems at all!

Now I received a 30 day eviction notice on the 1st of this month around 3pm in the afternoon.  It states that I am not in compliance with providing required paperwork the office has requested.  On this topic let me start by saying these key things:

  • I have turned in ALL of the paperwork more than twice since it was originally requested.
  • I have come in and checked with the desk only to be told that everything was good and nothing else was needed for the time being.
  • My son had come into the main office numerous times over the summer and before to sing paperwork only to be told there was a miscommunication and he didn’t need to sign anything.  ONLY 1 time did he actually need to sign something and then find out it was NOT the proper paperwork that your office needed.
  • Lisa has come to the office with me several times as well.
  • I have exhausted all of my time, effort, and writing trying to accommodate the fact that your office “lost” my original paperwork that would have been on time and was said to be completed in full.
  • I have, every time except the most recent email (from last week) I received from Lisa responded in a MORE than timely manner to any requests for paperwork and/or access to the premises.
  • I received a paper on my door ONCE in September for my neighbors!  Apartment #7 stating that paperwork was missing and needed.  It had #7 handwritten on it as well as printed on it!  That is, until this past week, the only communication of any sort that I have had either by delivery or mail from the Pines of Perinton Management.
  • I have been a good neighbor
  • I have this year paid my rent ON TIME with no issues.
  • I have 100% followed through with getting paperwork to your office even if I could NOT deliver it personally for whatever reason…  meaning you have gotten them either by email or in person by myself, Lisa, or my son.  I also followed up on everything you received by communicating with Lisa and her getting confirmation that it was received!
  • Your office communicated twice that ALL of my paperwork and file was “lost” completely this year!  That is NOT my fault or problem to constantly rectify.  I have tried to assist in recovery of everything but now we are in October and still a problem!

I am really frustrated!  I have 30 days to move 3 kids and a life to a new place!  My rent is paid on time.  I am a good tenant and have tried desperately tried to do everything they asked me to do!  Seriously stressing over slumlord practices!

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