Sex fast

Last year I put myself on a sex fast.  Most people were curious if it was my choice and if so why would I decide to do something like that?

Well, for most of my adult life I have used sex as my self destruct button.  I have used it to emotionally neglect myself.  After certain types of sexual activity my emotions would turn off allowing me to cope with my life struggles emotionless.  I am in a different place now emotionally, mentally, and personally.

For most of my adult life I have had a sex drive that most would consider HYPER DRIVE!  I constantly want sex!  Sex several times a day works great for me!  After 2-3 days without sex I see myself getting bitchy.  I start to get grouchy under my smile and it is time to adjust the situation.  This year I am going on a sex fast for 30 days…  NOT 100 like last year.  30 day fast this year will bring me back to my emotional roots.  Help me cleanup the stuff that is gumming up my emotional works.  The first few days will of course be difficult because I see myself start to get pissy with those around me!  It isn’t that I don’t have several people I could call to service my needed sex requests…  I have a few who would literally run right over to my door to get even a small piece of my body but I emotionally need a break from what sex does to relationships, emotions, and other things.

I didn’t intentionally start a sex fast this year but haven’t had sex in 2 days and I am feeling pretty comfortable with the idea of NOT having any sex for another 28 days.

Lets see if I can do it this year again!

(PS – Last year the 100 day fast was over faster than I started it.  Then I restarted it and did really well.  I did the full 100 days with NO sexual anything!  I honestly believe 30 days will be a cake walk.  There is really nobody my heart is clamoring to have in my bed anyway…  and I have never been into the one nighters!)

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