Proving my points about Leo

Today was a nice easy day…  We all went to Wegmans and had breakfast.  Then we went across the street and the kids played at the parks for a while.  My 7 year old daughter wanted to attend Leo’s sons lacrosse tournament and when she asked him he asked to speak to me.  He got on the phone with me and then explained his ex, Chrissy, was possibly going to be in attendance and he didn’t want any drama.

It hit my button with him!  Seriously…  why is everything about Chrissy?!?

I don’t care what he says…  I am pretty sure he doesn’t even want to have a discussion about living together because of his swooning for Chrissy!  If we lived together then he would have to have the discussion with her.  He would have to deal with the fact that I actually exist in his life.  It would be a complete realization that him and her are NOT getting back together!  Us living together would be the complete end of him and Chrissy!

It all comes back to multiple actions on his part that make me believe I am 110% right.

  • 10 months together and he refuses to let us come to any event that Chrissy might attend
  • He shoots me down for doing anything with his son that Chrissy might hear about me spending time with his son
  • He doesn’t even consider me as a viable option for spending time with his son when he has scheduling problems.  It feels like he either things I am a shitty parent OR he doesn’t want to ruffle Chrissy’s feathers.
  • Chrissy lives with a guy who never wanted kids, hates kids, doesn’t want kids still.  He treats Leo’s son like crap and runs every chance he can when it involves the kids.  BUT…  I want to participate in these things and Leo refuses to even consider me with anything that involves his son!  He doesn’t even care that we miss his son and want to visit him!

So, I finally said what I needed to say:


Then he freaking called me and his take on all of this was:  Why are you getting mad that I am trying to keep my afternoon about my son?  Are you fucking kidding me?  This has nothing to do with him wanting to spend time with his son.  This has everything to do with the fact that he specifically said he didn’t want any of us there because Chrissy might be there!  Fine!

We are not anywhere then!  If we cannot be a part of your life some of the time then you don’t need us as part of any of your life!

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