I attended Penfield High School in the early 90’s and was proud into my adulthood that I was a Penfield Chief!

Where political correctness gets me is here:

Okay they were changed from the Penfield Chiefs to the Penfield Patriots…  fine but why


oh why can students who have parents that were Chiefs not wear old Chiefs clothes?  I have been told by many students who have recently graduated that the restrictions are ridiculous!  I saved my Chiefs gear for my kids but if they attended Penfield they would be suspended for wearing it to school!  Seriously?  Appropriate dress 20 years ago is NOW politically incorrect and considered offensive against certain people.

I just don’t understand where our country is heading…  I still do not think it is a racist or incorrect thing to be proud of the Chiefs legacy from my high school days.  I am ashamed that my Alma matter is trying to shun the history we so proudly built!


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