Ode to Mayor Lovely Warren

Here is the Rochester, NY area our current Mayor is a women named Lovely Warren.  While I have my enormous issues with Cuomo who is currently the NYS Governor and completely ignorant to what our state actually needs I also struggle with our closer to home government officials.  Calling Lovely Warren our Mayor gives me the willies.  I have never understood how she got or stayed in this position of authority in our community.

There have been several scandals since she took office that had her grimy little fingers all over them!  She does not seem to have the understanding of our community as a whole but only the african american community!  She regularly seems to side with anyone battling our hardworking police officers!  I am waiting constantly for the moment she stands up and cheers for an officer being severely injured or killed!  Honestly it appears she would be the representative to do such a heinous thing!

I hate admitting she if the Mayor of anything let alone the major city I live near!

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