My letter to time

My dearest time,

I love you in theory but find myself constantly frustrated by your hold on everything.  You are the build of everything in the universe.  I watch time pass at times so slowly and yet turn my head to the left to see it passing so fast.  You are constantly ticking slowly, fast, and centered all simultaneously.

Why can I not turn you back to yesterday or last year or 20 years ago?  Why are you insistent upon moving forward with or without me?

You slow down allowing my emotions to flood in uncontrollably only to swoop away again faster than ever reminding me that death is in front of me coming faster every day!

Time, please relieve me of the speedy way in which you are moving some parts of my life forward.  If you could only slow down and allow me to breath in what is around me more often!  Death shall be upon me sooner than I would like and then you will be gone.

(inspired by the movie collateral beauty)

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