My letter to death


You have taken so much from my life.

You have caused so much pain!

From the moment of conception you are already lingering around waiting for the moment to snatch a life for yourself!

I hate your role in life, love, time!

You sell lies about death being a release but it isn’t a release to those left behind!  Death is cruel to everyone left missing and hurting from love and time while they wait for you to reunite them with the lost into deaths abyss.

You refuse to make any negotiations you are just stern in your decisions about who will experience your finality.

I have tried multiple times to make a deal with you for my own death, for the saving of another, and to both the answer was always unequivocal that the decision was yours and yours alone.

Release me from your grasp.  Allow me to have the time I want and to decide when I want you to appear to me and those I love!  Give up some control and power to those who are living and trying to experience time and love.

Stop being ONLY a taker!

(inspired by the movie collateral beauty)

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