Moving stress continues

I am officially moving this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  Holy Hell!  I need more help.  I am so not prepared for what is about to happen in my life!  $550 more a month for rent plus I will have to pay for electric.  Then not only that but I will also have to worry about rental insurance.  I am loosing my mind about all of this financial stress and Leo is NOT helping me in any way!  The Chrissy stuff has me still in a complete tizzy.  The lying bullshit still has me pretty angry.  The fact that he constantly avoids the discussion about these things has me just beyond comprehension.  Dude, just own your shit!  Why lie?  Why evade?  Just say what you need to say and be in your reality!  Don’t dick me around especially when I am under so much stress from the moving!

Then after last night when he shows up…  starts cleaning, packing, and huffing and puffin…  THEN JUST FUCKING LEAVES!  I mean really?!?  Just add to the bullshit!

The move will continue…  Onward and upward!  Once in the new place we will be happy but getting there is terrifying!

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