In my 40 something years I have seen many unhealthy relationship.  Relationships I have been witness to but also relationships that I was a part of.

I have watched moms enable sons to be abusers, thieves, and worse.  I have cried while moms cheer for a son who abused and then destroyed families!  I have listened while moms spoke of sons they were not seeing clearly so the son was turning into an adult monster!

I am a good mom and although I would like to believe I would never and have never enabled my sons I can tell you with all honesty I have!  I have enabled my adult son to not grow into an adult.  I have enabled my son to think he didn’t need to take complete care of himself when he became an adult.  I have enabled my son to believe his disability would give him an easy path in life.  NONE of those things were good of me as a mother.

I did however teach my son that he could NEVER treat other people badly.  He needed to always either be respectful and kind or walk away!  I taught him to be a romantic in dating.  Make the picnic lunches!  Take the silly walks in the rain with her.  Always be sweet and good to a girl you are dating!  While I taught him all of those things I also never dictated to him who he should date or when he could leave my house.  I did of course make it a bit difficult for him to date the nasty girls…  Oh, I need your help OR Oh, could you please do these things instead of going out with her tonight…  But when he dated the “nice” girls to him I was all in for not needing him.  Cheer the girls on who are good to my son!  I hope you win him because he is a really good heart!

With all of that said…  It is creepy to meet guys, late 40’s, living at home with mommy!  Not only living at home with mom but mom unwilling to let him have a healthy relationship with a female.  Strange thing is I love her.  She is an amazing person but the way she talks and the way he talks…  All I can think about is WOW they should be married to each other!  It is twisted!

I find it odd to be sitting talking with her and she knows everything about his body…  She is jealous of the fact that he gave me a sweater!  She was bothered by us going to the casino without her…  Ewey, I am not sure if this is the “norm” and I am not the “norm” or what.

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