Migraines and Vertigo

The migraines and vertigo are going hand in hand. I almost constantly for several weeks have had vertigo and the migraines have been almost every day. I have an appointment that I have been patiently waiting for with a Neurologist. All of this pain brings me to my health list…

  • Migraines for 23 years
  • Vertigo for about 14 months
  • Arthritis in my lower spine and all over my lower 2 discs
  • “Pebbles” on my scalp that are causing me pain and distress regularly
  • Problem with my right eye sight
  • Hands that are so swollen when I wake up that it takes a lot of water on my hands and movement exercises to be capable of any function with my hands
  • Left knee pain that radiates down my leg and feels like something is broken in my knee
  • Pain in my right ankle from where it was broken and pain in my right fibula from the break years ago
  • General hearing loss that they think might be related to the migraines
  • Buggy skin – constantly scratching and feeling like things are crawling all over my legs and butt – it is so awful and makes me really miserable
  • Running on an almost 10 day stretch between bowel movements for about 10 months now
  • My hips feel like they swell if I sit for too long
  • My enormous breasts hurt constantly and they also feel like stabbing pain under my right arm
  • Multiple skin issues
  • My feet have large protruding bones on the inner sides that cause me pain in my feet constantly

Goodness I am a complete mess!

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  1. Migraines kill 🙁

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