Leo’s Family

Leo has a great family! He has 2 brothers, his mom, his dad, his son. He is the oldest out of the siblings. His middle brother is married and has a daughter. His baby brother has a son.

Over the past few weeks he has gotten overly upset with me because his baby brother has been calling a lot for tech support. Then on Friday I went to Leo’s work and brought him lunch and while we were sitting there his baby brother called me with tech support needs. He got really pissy and said “I am cock blocked by my brother even at lunch!” Then today his dad called him and asked for me! He wasn’t happy about that. I tried to tell him that if he was really bothered by it all he needed to let me know instead of just getting pissy about it. He insisted he wasn’t really upset BUT he makes snotty remarks about it all constantly. He even remarked that almost all the “Whites” want me! Really?!? Yet he insists that he doesn’t mind at all any of the communication and stuff.

He has remarked a few times that he hates sharing me with his family! What share? Family is family and you do for them when you can! WTF does that have to do with sharing!

YET… Tonight while making apple pies he told me my aunt friend requested him on Facebook and I felt a little violated by it. Like: HOW DARE THEY BECOME FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK without saying anything to me first!?!? Isn’t that so stupid? I am actually still a little perturbed by it all. Is it the same or is it different because I had to earn my relationships with my family and then they were given so freely to Leo!??! What is so great about him? Grrrr


  1. Sorry, I didn’t realize it would bother you. You were there when he and his friend were talking about FL and I asked if he was on FB thinking I could offer insight on FL if he had any questions. I thought because you were a couple it would be no different than say me being friends with Jeanne. I wouldn’t want to do anything to upset you. I have no qualms with unfriending him if that will make you feel better.

    1. Author

      Hey beautiful Aunt. I do not want you to change anything. I hope you do not take anything here personal ever. This is my only complete outlet where I discuss even things that might be completely unreasonable. I love that you all like one another. But it was a bit of a sting because of his feelings about how his family is with me. That was the biggest emotional piece of it.

      I really loved and enjoyed seeing you all so much! I wish we could see each other more often.

      I love you absolutely and 100%!

      Everything and the kitchen sink

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