We had an emotional conversation. He was at work and crying on the phone about Chrissy. Seriously…

He was telling me about how last year they went to Maui. He explained to me which I had already known:

She planned a trip to Maui with their son and her other son NOT including him. At the last moment he was invited as an afterthought and then expected to get his own place to stay and pay for almost everything they did.

After reiterating this all to me he started to discuss last Christmas. This stuff I had not heard yet:

Chrissy a week before Christmas, after he had purchased almost all of the gifts for the kids and was excited to spend the holiday with everyone, she told him he wasn’t welcome at her house anymore. Then crushed his car died and needed to be replaced and when he called her and needed someone she basically in her Chrissy way told him to F off. Broken and battered emotionally he went to his moms. She also explained during last year on several different occasions that she was sleeping with her different “friends” and whatever.

I mean he didn’t even know for 9 months that his son was his! She had been sleeping with someone else and never told him. She spent 12 + years shitting on him. He never actually lived with her… she wouldn’t let him have a drawer, or bring furniture… But she insisted on him paying for everything and her bills. For all those years he lived out of a suitcase or travel bag. He never got what he wanted from her in the form of a family/relationship situation. All he got was his son whom she uses in every way to hurt Leo.

People like her are the reason no good guys exist for someone like me who is a good girl! Stupid evil gold digging bitches!

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