Leah Remini on Scientology

Last night, I watched a show by Leah Remini about her experiences and other people’s experiences with Scientology.  I was impressed and I wanted to say that I found this very intriguing. The whole show seems honestly to be her views her thoughts her wording and I love that!  Mike who is helping her with the show and talking to people. I found some of the people that She interviewed just sucked me into a place of really understanding their emotional trauma from their experiences with Scientology. What I thought was funny though is I typically don’t really believe a lot of docu-series type shows because you always see such a hold back from the “hosts”.  A lack of real actual emotion other than sadness and I believe that in order to really be true to an audience who is wanting to understand what you’ve gone through you have to be able to verbally put on the table all of the other emotions that go with whatever you’re discussing.  I honest to goodness felt like Leah really put it all on the table and was very honest.  True to herself true to her feelings and experiences.  Absolutely caught my attention at certain moments with her candor.

Although I do believe that this type of trauma that was experienced while she was a part of Scientology is different fundamentally in areas from what I experienced in my childhood the trauma and the abuse still triggers a lot of the same emotion and psychological damage. I do feel a sort of connection to all that she has discussed some of it I understand to my core and felt it deeply.  

I think the people who participated in this show coming out to discuss the horrible reality that is behind the closed doors of Scientology.  I thank Leah Remini for being so open and honest about every aspect of it from the beginning to the end.  




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