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My side of the introductory voice for our channel went up this morning.  I did NOT edit it at all so please let me know how it is…  if I need to make adjustments or anything!

Thank you and here is the link:

As time progresses this year Jenna and I have discussed on multiple occasions doing a youtube channel where we would discuss and debate different real world topics. Jenna typically leans to the left and I am typically to the right. It leads to many long into the night debates about our differences in point of view as well as how to meet in the middle.

J and C Debates

We will be starting to build a video library soon and hope that everyone starts to join us there at times to take in some of our opinionated banter. No filters, no falling into the traditional pay for opinion bull crap. We are just 2 working class 40 something females that have lived different lives in similar areas of the country.

Jenna was a college art major while I was a computer science major. We both have a significant academic background but neither of us have ever studied anything in the political science area and we have never been involved in any type of politics.

Jenna and I have been friends since the 90’s when we both attended Penfield High School in Penfield, NY a suburb of Rochester in Upstate New York.

Some facts about the area we grew up in, Rochester, New York:

Xerox was founded here in Rochester, NY

Rochester Marshmallow Company that was the first company to mass produce fluffy treats in the US

This countries very first thermometers were manufactured in Rochester, NY in 1851

The Pledge of Allegiance, as you know it, was written by a Rochester, NY native

The first ever dentist chair was designed in Rochester, NY

Susan B. Anthony called Rochester, NY home for four decades

George Eastman and Kodak were Rochester, NY staples. Kodak also was the biggest employer until around 2005

The famous “garbage plate” is from Rochester, NY

Those are just some interesting facts about the area Jenna and I grew up in and still call our childhood homes.


With all of that information about us please feel free to hop over and join our Youtube channel and participate in the debate!

Join in and leave some comments...