Is this wrong?

Things are over with Leo but today he came over to help me work on my 3D printer and then I screwed the fuck out of him! I really needed the release and since I am not a slut and don’t want to sleep around I just told him to give it to me! LOL

Really crass to say but it had been several days without any sex and I start to feel backed up after a day or two without the sexual release.

I love Leo. I honest to goodness didn’t want to love him but I do. I had a moment last night where I considered pushing the Dan self-destruct button but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I really believe that Leo was a phenomenal boyfriend before the “Chrissys” of the world worked so hard to crush his heart. I just don’t think he is a great boyfriend now!

After the sex I looked at him and tried to have a conversation with him about “us” stuff but it didn’t go well! I told him that I wanted to be with him but couldn’t continue with things how they had been. I explained that something was wrong with our relationship that I was medically induced suicidal and he never noticed even though we speak for hours a day on average. I told him I needed him to stop being neglectful. Treat me how you want me to treat you.

Me: Do I treat you well?
Leo: Yes, you do.
Me: Well then I deserve at least what I give to you back. I need to be heard, I need to be loved, I need to be communicated with.

Now who knows where we stand because a few minutes later he walked out and was gone. He did call later in the night to check on my 6 year old son who wasn’t at flag football practice because it was cancelled. Then we spoke for a while and left things with a: he would call me later tonight.

It is now 8:45 pm and I haven’t heard from him so I am pretty sure I won’t hear from him at all tonight… not even for the good night phone call that he knows is so important for us to have!

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