How do I figure out my real feelings?

Last night lying in bed with Leo. We are both naked snuggled up and sex will be happening but then he starts talking about Chrissy his ex! Ummm seriously? I became so turned off that sex really was crappy and didn’t last.

Today I called him and said:

I have no problem with you discussing Chrissy and your son with me and the different situations that go on BUT please don’t ever do it again while I am in bed naked with you. It makes me feel really shitty! He became really upset and suggested that maybe he should be talking to me about any of it. That is in my mind a total attempt to guilt me… I don’t care if he talks about anything but I do care if I am in bed naked with him and he is discussing his ex. It hurt! It really hurt me!

Just a great note: Her name is the same as mine! Chrissy is her nickname. We actually have the same name and have some similar features. It really upsets me how often I feel like just a replacement for her. I don’t want to be someones replacement! I want to be me!

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