Horrible Instagram Policies


Recently excited to open an Instagram account for this blog I was disappointed very fast after creation!  I have emailed and tried to contact them in every way I could find but have yet to receive any answers about why they closed my account within hours of me creating it!  My email address is valid, my phone number is valid, the blog is obviously valid…  what is the problem?  Why was my account terminated with no explanation or details?

9647i6f3I just wanted to say to anyone wanting to start an Instagram account for something other than personal you might want to think again!  I have heard from others that policies are tough and if for ANY reason at all they think your account is not living up to standards they will delete it without any prior communication or notification.  Once your account is deleted you will not be allowed to use that email address in the Instagram system any more.  They have also prevented my phone number.

Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest…  I have accounts and never had any problems.

Instagram FAIL!

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