Fourth of July Parade

This year we did what we do every year… We went to the parade in Penfield, NY. We sat near my father’s house directly on the parade route. It was a blast. Leo got to meet Grandma Gail who is not actually biologically related by she was my 1st or 2nd grade teacher and her daughter was my best friend for years. We have stayed family! We spent some time with her and then walked down to setup our chairs and get ready for the parade which is always a blast. We were sitting and talking when my father walked up and said some BS comments to my 20 year old son and complimented my 7 year old. Then he looked at the twins and joked in a snide way like he didn’t have any use for them and forgot who they were. He shook Leo’s hand and made some stupid comment which made Leo feel sick and comment about what type of person is that guy!

The parade started and as usual it was wonderful. The kids enjoyed all of the bands, free candy and snacks, different groups waving and saying hi to them. It was a wonderful time. Great weather and fun event!

We love Penfield, NY!

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