First night out without kids in a loooong time

Tonight I planned to go out with a bunch of the old crew from High School and meetup for a while for drinks and laughs.  We met at a place called Jeremiahs in Penfield, NY and it was great.  The night started out a bit shaky for a few reason…  My 7 year old freaked out at the door begging I not go out without her.  My friend, and sitter for the night, Jenn pulled her to the living room and kept the kids distracted so I could drive away.  Leo was supposed to pick me up and we would go together but he was running late and didn’t show up in time so I left alone.  As I walked in he texted asking if I was there and I told him yes get your ass here!  hahaha  He arrived after I had already had a drink and a few runs around the table talking to everyone.

Leo has been really distant and appearing to not really want to spend time with me at all lately!  I am really working hard at not reacting to his miserable attitude lately but it has been difficult.

It turned out to be a fun night.  I got to visit with people I haven’t seen in over 20 years and there was a ton of laughing.  Leo came to my house and looked at all the things that have been done since he was here last and then bent me over the bed.  Oh boy it was good and I needed it a lot!  Then he kissed me and left.  He texted me when he got home to let me know he was safe.

I am honestly not sure he wants to be with me anymore but who the hell knows anything anymore!

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