Emotionally sick

Finally set the line and told him it was over…

It is killing me.  I want to take it back.  I feel sick inside and anxious.  It is like no other feeling I have ever experienced.  As if I have cut off a limb.  Why does letting him go hurt so badly compared to any other relationship that has ended?

I have always told him: in some other universe him and I are together and making it work.  We are struggling but happy.  We laugh and cry.  We live in a life we created together!

In this universe we just can’t seem to get it together!  He doesn’t want to talk about moving forward.  He doesn’t want to take any steps towards moving forward.  He doesn’t want to even compromise on anything I ask for!  He wants what he wants and my feelings never count!

He is a great guy!  I am just to smart and know that I cannot hold a relationship together by myself anymore!

This is excruciating!

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