Do you gamble with anything

I know a good amount of people who like to gamble with multiple different types of things…  Money, life, experiences, and more.  What are the biggest gambles in life?  Is it when you gamble with your money?  Could it be the gamble you take on a relationship/marriage?  A gamble when you change careers/jobs?

So many things in life are a gamble on the path you are choosing…  They do not always pay off but they do usually teach you something valuable that helps you make better choices as you progress in life.

Either way the conversation sounded like this:

  • I have spent time playing blackjack and won big frequently but the bets were high and caused me anxiety at times.
  • (Me) I love blackjack and typically win when I play but haven’t ever won “BIG” as you think of big.
  • Why don’t you win big if you are good at it and play well?
  • (Me) I have come to realize that I traditionally bet very conservative in most of my life!

I am a feisty Italian female in my 40’s and when I look at my life as it relates to risk…  I am an extreme conservative with all choices and risks!

  • I married the prearranged guy.
  • I didn’t marry the risky guy who I knew I would have a happy life with.
  • I married the guy my family wanted who scared me and my kids.
  • I stayed in the comfort of an abusive marriage because it was risky to leave.
  • I didn’t work at jobs that were my dream jobs because the risk of changing where I was employed was to risky from fear and anxiety that I didn’t take the plunge.
  • I never spanked my kids and hardly yelled (even when I should have) because the risk of the society judgement were to stressful to change my parenting style!
  • I never moved long-term out of NYS because the risk of ending up happy was to great and risk of ending up unhappy was even more stressful!

So, I never WON “BIG” in areas because I didn’t really risk anything!  I refused to risk anything with the fear of loss being greater than the thoughts of amazing possibilities!

I have recently started “gambling BIG” and while the losses are at times big I am enjoying the feeling of taking the risks!

Are you a big gambler with things?  Do you take the risks?  Do you ever jump without thinking for months about the possible fallouts of taking the risk?

NOTE:  I don’t even really gamble at the casino!  I went to Vegas and never gambled a quarter.  I go to the local casino and never spend more than $20!

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