Corona in Rochester NY

I live in a suburb of Rochester, NY and almost everything is closed!  The stores are like a live version of the hunger games for groceries.  Almost 2 weeks ago we had absolutely no toilet paper on any shelves in this area.  Starting early and happening fast the shelves were bare and staying that way.

Stories about people hoarding toilet paper, hand sanitizer, meats, canned goods.  It is almost impossible to get the necessities of a home with children or elderly adults.

Here at home the kids and I have NO meat, limited sanitizer, no lysol wipes, limited snacks for them during the day, and really no canned/dry goods.  I didn’t do my weekly grocery shopping trip before this all happened and I didn’t have the funds to do a big grocery shopping trip after this started.  My bank account is bouncing like crazy because of the grocery shopping I tried to do!  I think my bank account is now like $800 in the negative because of hundreds of dollars worth of overdraft fees linked to my grocery shopping trip!

My small family of 4 – myself, 8, 6, and 6…  we are going to end up losing everything in this pandemic!

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