Codependent Father Son relationship

Leo is in his late 40’s and his son, we will call EJ, is 10 years old. Tell me what you think of my view on this all please:

Leo complains and complains he cannot spend time with me this week because he needs to Uber to compensate for his lack of overtime at work. Oh alright… I get that! Then instead of working he is in bed at home playing for 7 hours on the Xbox with EJ. He constantly cries over his son. Crying and loosing his mind that this was his only baby. Nobody would give him a kid and getting EJ was a blessing. (YES I GET THIS PART) Then there is Leo wanting to do things and plan things but needing to ask his son for permission! Really?!? You can’t take your son on a fun day trip without asking his permission first. You have to ask your son permission to do things when your son is at his moms house. They are unhealthy codependent upon one another. EJ is 10 but when left home alone, even after taking the training course, he calls Leo 20x in an hour and keeps calling even if Leo is working. He cries that he shouldn’t be home alone and Leo should leave work and be with him. He can’t clean his room because Leo should be there and doing it for him. He can’t go to the bathroom at Leo’s house without them discussing it first! Neither of them can function without the other one being an almost FULL participant in whatever it is. I feel like one day Leo is going to say we can’t have sex because EJ doesn’t agree with our sex life!

OH and Leo’s therapist says: Leo NEEDS his son. Ummm yeah I need my kids but I also am not dependent on the emotions they are having at any given moment. I mean Leo should be an adult not his 10 year old sons child. The roles are screwed up and reversed at times. I have also never heard of a therapist telling someone they NEED the child for emotional stability. Shouldn’t he get emotionally stable and teach that to his son?!? Am I totally off base?

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