My mantra has always been:  I hate children!  hahaha (I have had 6 children!)
Kids are typically: dirty, messy, not well mannered, crazy, disrespectful…  and the list goes on and on.  <—  PART OF THIS IS BECAUSE OF BAD PARENTING!!!

With that said I hate kids who are not in my life circle!  My kids I love with every piece of myself, I love my friends kids, my ex’s kids, other kids!

What happens when you have people in your life who don’t raise their kids?

So LW and his ex are really honest to goodness horrible parents!  I say that with the understanding that I am not a “great” parent.

LW parenting:

  • He sets no clear boundaries.
  • He buys his sons time
  • If his son throws a tantrum he kisses his sons ass to end the tantrum.
  • He allows his son to be completely disrespectful towards women and himself.
  • He enforces NOTHING EVER!
  • He talks in front of his son about adult issues and then his son uses those issues to manipulate him!
  • He doesn’t see his son as being manipulative!
  • When his son isn’t at his house he cries about his son not sleeping in his bed (WHICH IS REALLY UNHEALTHY…  his son is 10!)
  • He will tell his son you can’t do x,y,z but then 10 minutes later sure his son can do those things because he doesn’t want to listen to it.  Even things he knows are unhealthy!
  • He is teaching his son that money grows on trees and if you don’t have cash just swipe a card instead!  This makes my head explode.  It is just going to turn him into an entitled financially screwed adult!

Ex parenting (she is an enormous jackass and abusive parent:

  • She punishes him without any explanation of why he is having consequences.
  • She regularly ignores him or treats him like he is unimportant.
  • She ignores her other son (he is 15 years old) strangling, hitting, physically abusing the 10 year old son.
  • She allows her live-in boyfriend to verbally thrash him.
  • She constantly refers to him as a monster, bad kid, and she doesn’t want him!
  • She regularly speaks negatively about him in front of him or within his ears.
  • She refuses to attend his school events.
  • She gives him a complex about his body image and makes food a death sport.

I am not equipped to be a part of it anymore!  It is a LOT of unhealthy stuff and none of it is really drastically changing.  He refuses to make “real” change because it hurts “his” own feelings.  She is mentally so screwed up she will never change!

I have to get out of this although I love him.  I do believe he is a really good kid and has great potential!  I wish there was a way to help him!

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