Busing Elementary Students

This week my 7 year old came home complaining about a situation on the bus. Last week she came home crying about a situation on the bus. Last year she came home at least once a week with complaints about her experience on the bus. I am frustrated and unsure what the rights are of a parent with children being bused to school and home every day in NYS.

My daughter is pretty tiny for her age. She is the smallest in her elementary school and because of that she gets bullied a bit. The other students push her out of the way when she tries to get on the bus, they call her hurtful names: midget, tiny, baby sized and more. They also say things and constantly ask her when will she grow? Why are you so little? Are you a baby? Do you where baby clothes? They for several years have been awful to my daughter and she has experienced this in 2 different school districts. One district on the westside of the Rochester, NY area and the other on the eastside of the Rochester, NY area.

In the past 2 weeks of school my daughter has been shoved out of the line to get on the bus, punched in the face on the bus, and had her pants pulled down and a finger stuck in her butt crack. I am at my witts end and have no idea what to do with this situation. I, as a child of the 80’s, was bullied severely but think some of it helped me grow. Today things are different! I think a tad bit of the banter is healthy and helps kids grow a backbone BUT this is way past what I think is even remotely acceptable.

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