Brain tumor wishes and candy filled dreams

I have been having some scary moments lately.  Along with what has become the norm for my migraines I have started to experience explosive episodes during orgasm.  They are terrifying, excruciating, and embarrassing.  With all of that I decided to go into the doctors office today and get checked out.  They are sending me immediately to have a CT scan. 

On my way home I started to have remembrances of my childhood…  What was my childhood dream for my immediate future?  I prayed, as part of my nightly prayers to god, that I would get a brain tumor.  People who are close to me know this was what I prayed for growing up.  Those who do not know me please allow me to explain:

I experienced a lot of abuse as a child and prayed for a tumor because I thought it was my only way out of the abuse.  I just couldn’t get away from the pain and wanted so desperately to have pain relief! 

Now as an adult when the doctor said she is concerned I have a clot in my head or something that is going to cause a stroke I am petrified that I prayed for this as a child and now my prayers are coming to fruition. 

I am not ready to leave my family so all of this scares me. 

Prayers to no blood clots, no tumors, no strokes!

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