With my honesty check list done I need to say that does NOT define me! All of those things have definitely changed a lot about my life trajectory, my personality, my breaks that still need to be healed… BUT they do not define who I am today or who IContinue Reading

About me… I have been physically abused. Physical abuse in my life included: bats, golf clubs, belts, waffle irons, fists, kicks, and almost anything that could be used to hit someone with and inflict pain. I have been sexually abused. Sexual abuse in my life included: being raped by aContinue Reading

Last night I went on a first date with a guy named Leo! We met on POF and when we met last night in person WOWza he was so good looking. I insisted on a movie although he said it wasn’t a great first date thing… We had a greatContinue Reading

This year I am not starting with a resolution… I am starting with a promise to stay positive. Keeping myself in a positive mindset even if things feel enormous at any given moment! I am promising to allow myself to feel the negative emotions, work on processing them, and remindContinue Reading


As a single mom of 5 kids I have spent most of my life being exactly that… Single and a Mom My youngest kids were born in 2013 a set of b/g twins and I am finally starting to learn and grow as a completely single mom of 5. UntilContinue Reading