This challenge is by far going to be the most difficult.  It already is showing difficult in my discussions.  My friends are always cracking sex jokes and I banter along with them all.  I found myself getting into a few of these discussions.  Other than that I am doing wellContinue Reading

The scoop is this: In 2016 around June my credit score was over 700.  I could have gotten anything on credit that I wanted.  Little did I know that my ex-husband would do everything to destroy my ability to have a financial future.  He was running my credit, trying toContinue Reading

Okay so I met this guy on the 20th of January 2018.  His name is Joe and he is about 11 months older than me.  That in itself is odd because I have never liked anyone my age.  Typically I like older men partly for looks and partly for stabilityContinue Reading

The moment when you find out people are all over watching you for a lying abuser that you are desperately trying to hide from!  If I cannot trust the people around me then who do I trust?  What are my options?  Will I go crazy not being able to shareContinue Reading

Well it was interesting today that the van BS is finally over.  This was a long, stressful, miserable situation for 9 months.  I have been fighting with this thief for way to long over him stealing my money and lying about stuff he put into my loan paperwork. This isContinue Reading

So the divorce was rescheduled… I really love our judge because I know he isn’t fooled by how my ex, John, trying to present himself.  With that said I am emotionally exhausted by this process!  Funny note is that a bunch of people keep telling me to just hold outContinue Reading

As a follow-up to my post about first loves I figured I would give some nitty gritty about Steve and me. We met at Tops Friendly Markets in Panorama Plaza, Penfield, NY in the ’90’s.  It was really love at first sight for me.  I was not his first butContinue Reading

WOW, this was a complete doozy.  4 years ago today my Ma passed away.  She is not my biological mother but she is the closest thing I ever had to a mom.  She was the only person who always loved me unconditionally.  I digress, When I was 14 I metContinue Reading